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Each journey through life is unique, we believe that our journey to fitness works better when we embrace our uniqueness and grow together to find our individual version of fit  

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About Laura @ FlowerTwist Fitness

Nice to meet you

Welcome! I'm Laura owner of FlowerTwist Fitness based in Nottingham UK. 

I have a thirst for life, adventure and a deep rooted connection with nature, loving to spend time outdoors in my work and my social life. I choose to take the scenic route as a default throughout my life.

My biggest passion is to share this joy of nature with those who cross or join my path along the way. 

I love nothing better than being with a group of people doing fitness together their own individual way. We're all built differently we move differently we even breathe differently and a fitness journey should reflect that.  


My lifelong connection with nature and mindful practice has had an amazing influence on my ability to deal with life's ups and downs over the years. I discovered Yoga's physical movements (Asanas) as a teenager and linking meditation, movement and nature is a  joy which I now share with others.


As an active person who participates in all sorts of outdoor activities such as, walking, running, cycling, paddle boarding, and gardening, Yoga has helped keep me strong, mobile and focused giving me an outlet when I need to relax and repair or challenge my limits both mentally, physically and spiritually.

I look forward to meeting you in person soon and growing forward together.


About Kate @ KL Pilates

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